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 Visual Compulog Software Includes:     LOG: Acquisition Software     DISPLAY: Interpretation/Presentation Software Visual Compu-Log is the most powerful logging software developed specifically for the mining,oil/gas, coal bed methane, hydrology and environmental industries. At the same time it is the most simple-to-use logging and log processing software available. The graphic display allows for real-time log viewing, printing and processing. Visual Compu-Log Screen Shot Visual Compu-Log utilizes the Log and Display programs operating simultaneously to acquire the log (Log Program), and at the same time,view and or print the log (Display Program). These two programs were developed under the Visual Compu-log System concept to support one another while running under the Windows2000 ® or WindowsXP ® operating systems. Display is also used at the office by the geologist or log analyst to view, process, interpret or edit the log files.  Microsoft standard device drivers are utilized by the Display program, which makes for a large list of supported printers. On-screen help is included for the Log and Display program operation, logging procedures and tool specifications. The latest versions of the Visual Compu-Log "Log6" and "Display" programs are available for upgrading and can be downloaded via our Support Forum. Contents     CD and documentation Features     Use continuous form paper or sheet feeder for printing     Design your own plot displays     Edit curves     Multi-well correlations     Log calculation     Add log comments     Import from and export to ASCII files (LAS)     Create custom lithology symbols     Display and print in color logs     Display and print custom log headers     Full wave sonic VDL displays     Televiewer interpretation and print     Dipmeter interpretation, display and prints     List log data Specifications & prices subject to change without notice.
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