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COMPULOG Software Download

(Log and Display Program-Version 2014-02) This version will run on the following operating systems::     Windows 2000,  Windows XP,  Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Download Compulog Software   NOTE: The installation of Anti-virus and firewall software is known to prevent proper  functioning of certain devices with Compu-Log software. (Proper operation of caliper tools is a known problem with antivirus and firewall installed on the logging computer)  

Computer Preparation and Software

Configuration Instructions: Download Instructions Latest .CAL and .TM files (Updated 03/11/2014) Download CAL.zip Download TM.zip  

Compudip Program-07/13/10

Download CGCCompudip.zip


DISPLAY Version 3.64HU - Display Date Format Fix (As of 2010 the "Aust Date=1" function in the display.ini file no longer works and will revert to MMDDYYYY format for the date when doing LAS conversions. Installing the Display_HU.zip file Above will resolve this issue and cause the "Aust Date=" function to work again using the correct DDMMYYYY format.)  


    Download 4000 Series Stack Tool String Calibration Spreadsheet.         4000calib.zip   Download 4000 Series Stack Tool String Calibration Spreadsheet.         Stack Tool Users Guide   PEERNET Version 7 and 8 Fixes     Peernet Registry Fix(use instructions in GenericComputerSetup.pdf)  


Keylock Driver for DISPLAY Program (not needed with current software)     Download SSD-5411 Windows 98 Display     Download DISPLAY Version 3.64 BK (last version compatible with Windows 98) 

Misc Files

   Arpfix32    Arpfix64  
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